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Membership Details

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Our primary deal flow comes from our partners and our members. We work closely with our partners to make sure that we have access to premium deals. Members also share new opportunities in monthly meetings.


Once the deals are shortlisted, our selection committee reviews them thoroughly. Then physical due diligence is done by meeting with the founders and understanding their idea. If everything goes well, the deals are presented to our community.


1. When the deal passes the due diligence process and Angels display interest, they elect one lead Angel to engage with the entrepreneur. The lead Angel then evaluates the prospect and crystallizes valuation, structure, and closure.
2. When the business case and the term sheet are completed, the deal is presented to all Angels for a subscription. In the case of an under subscription, the deal is usually rejected, provided that no Angel wants to complete the subscription. In case of oversubscription, Angels get their allotment proportionately.
3. All involved Angels invest into the start-up either via a limited liability partnership or directly. Be an Angel is not a part of this process. The role of Be an Angel is to provide a fair supporting environment for both investors and start-ups.


Mentoring start-ups is paramount. Without excellent leadership and mentoring, no business can succeed. We presume our members are keen on contributing with their expertise and leveraging their network.

Accountant at Work

The Rules

  1. Members are obliged to make a minimum investment as per their membership category in a year. The implications of not doing so will result in a downgrade or cancellation of the membership.

  2. Members have access to an updated curated set of start-ups, filtered and thoroughly analysed by the core team,

  3. Every month there is a session where selected startup founders pitch themselves to members

  4. Members participate in a minimum of 75% of the meetings, either remotely or in person.

  5. Members are requested to mentor the startups and their management to improve the chances of success.

  6. Members represent Be an Angel in events, seminars, conferences, etc. The Executive Committee may request members to participate.

  7. Members engage in deal sourcing and other activities to the best of their abilities so that everyone involved benefits.

  8. There is no subscription fee for the first year of the launch of the network. A membership fee will be required in the subsequent years.

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Financial Advisor


We recommend the following guidelines to angel investors who are considering investing in start-ups:

  1. Private investments in general and start-up investments ought to be only a small part of your overall portfolio (consisting of varied interests such as public equity, real estate, gold, debt, etc.).

  2. Seed funding is inherently a high-risk investment as the non-success rate is high and exit can be challenging. Make sure you have a risk appetite for such a venture.

  3. Invest in businesses that are of geographical proximity to you. It will be feasible for you to meet with promoters/management regularly for follow-ups and to monitor progress.

  4. Invest in areas where you have a high degree of interest/expertise. Contribute in a relevant way to networking, planning, and paving a strategic pathway for the company.

  5. Although high returns are crucial in investment, being passionate about funding young, talented, and ambitious entrepreneurs will be significant for overall growth.

  6. If you nurture start-up ambitions of your own, investing in another company can be a good way to learn the ropes before commencing your own.

  7. Get to know your co-investors as you can exert collective pressure and have greater bargaining power.

  8. Associating with industry experts is reasonable as they have greater expertise in evaluating companies in their core areas and guide them appropriately.

  9. Investing in a few start-ups as it is done by VC firms or PE firms rather than investing in only one or two firms is advised so that you can diversify risk and have greater chances of success. If an investment is going to keep you up at night, don't invest.

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