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About Us

Be an Angel is a brand of Ientra Business Solutions Private Limited, a Bangalore-based company incorporated in 2016. Bangalore is known as the hub for start-ups. It has a strong ecosystem of high growth start-ups. However, every day many start-ups are coming up which need more resources to enable them to stay afloat and grow as planned. Though the investing community is active and growing, it is not enough to meet the demands of many excellent start-ups to be seen in the city. Be an Angel is an initiative to address this gap. It is an early stage investing platform where we identify prospective start-ups in the pilot phase and support them with the required funding and mentoring to prepare them for future phases of growth.
We encounter many success stories of start-ups. Many people are fascinated and wish to be a part of it but just the process of identifying the right start-ups to associate with poses a challenge to many investors. Be an Angel does the job of thoroughly screening and vetting these start-ups before placing them in front of the investors thereby reducing a whole lot of work for the investors. We guide investors by pointing them in the right direction and informing them about the pros and cons of angel investing. We also mentor investors on using various tools to evaluate a company and provide the opportunity to co-invest alongside seasoned VCs or angel investors.

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We have three big goals.

The first goal is to solve real problems at the global level. We need solutions big enough to uplift and impact the lives of millions of people. And we need easily replicable solutions that can easily scale. That is why we need ambitious and exciting start-ups. Therefore, we are committed to providing the best support possible for the start-ups that work with us and for all people involved.

The second goal is all about creating a thriving community. We are creating a supportive community of doers, thought leaders, and disruptors. We foster, mentor, and empower each other, especially new angel investors. The landscape of Indian start-ups is not very easy to navigate. We are here with years of experience with all our contacts and proven processes.

And the third goal is simple. We want to create maximum wealth for our investor community.

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Our Advisors

10 Jennifer P Hopp, Managing Partner at ATO Ventures.jpg
11 Swapnilsagar Vithalani, Managing Partner at Cumulative Ventures.jpeg

Subrata Patra

Managing Partner at Ideacapital Ventures

Jennifer P Hopp

Managing Partner at ATO Ventures

Swapnilsagar Vithalani

Managing Partner at Cumulative Ventures

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Our Team

About : Team

M Thaneshwar Singh

Managing Partner


Vivek Subbarao

Co-Founder & Partner

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